Kelli Ward attacks former staffer for supporting McSally

UPDATE: On Sunday night, an online poll showed up on Facebook, asking activists who they supported for Chairman. Kelli Ward captured the names of everyone who voted for Chairman Lines, and we are receiving reports that she has begun bullying and harassing them. If you are a Lines supporter and being harassed by Kelli Ward (or any of her family members), please reach out to us and you may do it anonymously.

Fresh off her 2nd losing US Senate campaign, Kelli Ward is running for the office of state party chairman using the catchy hashtag, #TimeToUnite. She is traveling the state, speaking before LD meetings and trying to convince Republican activists that she is the only candidate who can bring unity to the Republican Party.

This claim was already seen as dubious by any PCs who have been following the career arc of the twice-failed US Senate candidate. Ward has long been a divisive figure, attacking Republicans, belittling millennials, and proving herself to be the single most divisive Republican in Arizona.

But now, troubling evidence has emerged that shows that Kelli Ward continued to divide and oppose Republicans even after she lost her 2nd primary election last year.

  • As the party worked to unite behind Martha McSally, Ward refused to do so. She circulated slates that didn’t include the Senate race, sending a clear message that she was not behind Senator McSally.
  • To this day, her facebook page contains dozens of virulent posts, attacking Martha McSally.

But perhaps even more troubling, she personally berated and attacked staff members who UNITED behind the Republican nominee. Recently obtained text messages show Ward calling her former staff member’s support of McSally “hurtful,” saying she felt “pretty betrayed.”

Republicans in Arizona have a long history of fighting spirited campaigns, and then uniting behind the eventual nominees. This has served the party well for years. Unfortunately, Kelli Ward chose instead to attack and belittle a staffer who worked to elect Republican Martha McSally over “Prada Socialist” Kyrsten Sinema.

This brave staffer did the right thing. It is Kelli Ward who has betrayed the Republican party by attacking anyone who would work for our Republican nominee.

She is unfit to serve as Chairman of the Arizona GOP.

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