Will Kelli Ward Disavow Steven Slaton’s support?

On Saturday, former Navajo County GOP Chairman and vocal Kelli Ward supporter went on a vicious, bigoted rant that was published in full by the dishonest “Republican Briefs” website. Slaton attacked his political opponents for being “fundamentalist Mormons” and reiterated that he will be supporting Ward’s candidacy.

Slaton’s failed tenure as NCGOP Chair ended last year, when he was recalled overwhelmingly by Republican Precinct Committeemen in Navajo. But far more troubling than his words is the fact that Kelli Ward would accept his support.

She should immediately disavow Mr. Slaton’s support and pledge to show respect and honor to all of Arizona’s religious communities.

Failure to do so will be further evidence that Kelli Ward is unfit to serve as AZGOP Chair.

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