Kyrsten Sinema believes Arizona is Crazy, Meth Lab of Democracy #AZSEN

What kind of leader doesn’t Arizona need in the Senate? A chameleon one. As a candidate, she changes political ideology every time she is asked.

While Kyrsten Sinema campaigns on her moderate stances, appealing to the largest audience possible, Arizona voters need to know of her leftist and extremist background. Who remembers Sinema’s promise to keep America safe, and to maintain military spending? Who then also remembers that as a democratic lawmaker in Arizona for the past 14 years, Sinema consistently opposed America’s fight to spread democracy and our country’s strategic initiatives?

Perhaps the most despicable lie of all is embedded in Sinema’s running for Senate all together though. How can she take advantage of Arizona voters in her quest for power when she doesn’t respect the state, or the people? In Sinema’s own words, “ Arizona is the meth lab of democracy”. This was convenient for her to say at the time, maybe getting a few laughs out of the crowd, but Sinema clearly does not respect the state of Arizona. The state that she previously influenced with her democratic law making would only turn into the “meth lab” of her definition because of her.

Now, not only does she characterize our home state as a “meth lab of democracy”, but she also said that Arizonans are all collectively crazy. Sinema publicly added “crazy” to the list of the 5 C’s that Arizona is known for. Arizona voters simply should not have to even be exposed to someone that belittles and insults them in this way. Sinema is truly a chameleon, hating her state and neighbors one moment, and promising to represent them accurately in the United States Senate the next. Don’t be fooled.

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