Prop 127 Parasitic Initiative #NoOn127

Tapeworm Tom

Proposition 127 is a parasitic initiative that feeds off of our schools, small businesses, families, seniors on fixed incomes and Arizona’s constitution with the printing of every ballot. Bankrolled by california billionaire Tom Steyer, a power hungry liberal mega donor who has targeted Arizona in preparation for his 2020 presidential bid. Tom Steyer is pushing dirty and dishonest tactics to force his liberal agenda but he is losing this fight. He is placing blame and on our elected officials and hard working grassroots efforts to protect ourselves and our constitution from his strain.

Even democrats agree the attacks on independent Attorney General Mark Brnovich are flat out wrong.

Hardworking innocent grassroots efforts working around the clock

Tom Steyer pushed his plan in California 3 years ago and it isn’t working there. California’s retail electric rates are already 47% higher than Arizona’s. Tapeworm Tom is looking for a new host in Arizona. Tom Steyer doesn’t care about making Arizona cleaner or healthier. Independent studies have proven all claims from the Yes campaign to be false.

Tapeworm Tom claims to be an advocate for the environment, transforming Arizona’s abundance of sunlight into clean energy. The Arizona economy is booming and requires lot of energy that solar cannot maintain. If his parasitic initiative passes, natural gas plants will be built to compensate for the lack of sunlight at night, which would HURT air quality in Arizona. Proposition 127 plans to implement “clean energy”, while eliminating America’s largest carbon-free energy source, the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station, located here in Arizona. If Palo Verde were forced to close because of Prop 127 mandate Arizona would lose the tax revenue from this facility that currently goes towards funding schools and other public facilities and programs Arizonans need. Schools and public facilities will see their utility rates double. Proposition 127 is the type of infection that, if voted into law, will be detrimental to the health of Arizona’s economy. Thankfully Arizona voters are holding a microscope to the lies pushed by Tapeworm Tom and the Yes campaign.

Schools are not the only ones who will pay more in utilities. Every single household in Arizona will experience a dramatic increase in their electric bill, adding an additional 1,000 dollars to the average family’s bill per year. Arizonans should not hosting Tapeworm Tom’s political agenda nor should they be subject to a proposition brought by out of state and fraudulent means that threatening to force dirty energy, higher electric bills, and a depressed economy onto us.


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