Will Arizona voters be fooled by Krysten Sinema’s charade? #AZSEN

As campaign season is coming to a close, so are Kyrsten Sinema’s options. Turning to pathetic and falsified stories in a last ditch effort to appeal to voters does not exactly scream honest representative of the people. Sinema claimed to have lived in an abandoned gas station without electricity or running water for a large portion of her childhood, when records later proved her mother and stepfather paid bills for all of these necessities throughout her upbringing. When confronted about this disparity between her story and the facts, Sinema brushed it off as if the truth were irrelevant. How else will Sinema abuse the voters of Arizona?

Claiming to be a strong advocate for victims of sexual crimes and assault, Sinema still accepted over $10,000 dollars in donations from Backpage.com, a website that is known for prostitution, human trafficking, and that accepted ads offering sex with underage girls. Backpage.com is currently under investigation for child prostitution charges. The utter lack of integrity, character, and moral center necessary to accept such funds in any campaign is horrendous, and reflects the same horrendous lack of these qualities in Sinema, and in what she stands for. Which by the way, is nothing.

Take a look at Sinema’s voting record; not only is she a liar about her upbringing and her campaign funds, but no one can even define her platform due to her extensive inconsistent policy decisions. What happens to a candidate once their lies are exposed? More lies. Arizona voters are constantly being fed stories only to play on their emotions, just a few examples including her fake rags to riches story, her extensive trials and afflictions “solely” because of her sexual orientation and gender.

Will Arizona voters fall for the campaign this hallowed out, soulless, dishonest of a politician is creating? Arizona voters need to realize that Kyrsten Sinema will do anything for votes, and that means literally everything. A lying, attention and pity seeking chameleon, reeking of desperation is the last thing Arizona needs this election cycle.

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