Attorney General Mark Brnovich Puts Arizona Consumers First

In 2018 Attorney General Mark Brnovich announced more than $40 million dollars worth of settlements for Arizona consumers with Volkswagen, Theranos, and General Motors. He took the fight to the corporations trying to fleece Arizonans. His office has sent a clear message that Arizona’s consumer protection laws will be vigorously enforced.

Under the settlement, VW agrees to pay Arizona consumers up to $1,000 for every qualifying vehicle. Arizona is the first state to obtain a direct consumer restitution payment as a result of a state enforcement action.

Thanks to Mark Brnovich Arizona Drivers are also getting money from GM who has agreed to pay $6.3 million to eligible drivers in Arizona $1million in fines to the stat

The Arizona lawsuit alleged GM falsely advertised, concealed defects and created a corporate culture that devalued vehicle safety.

“Consumers should always come first,” Brnovich said in a written statement. “I wasn’t going to settle until Arizona consumers received compensation.”

He is running for reelection this November. Mark Brnovich released his first TV ad of the campaign season view it here

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