Steyer Flops In Arizona

What do you get when a California hedge fund billionaire comes to Arizona to gloat about his job-killing poorly written initiative making the ballot? A lot of protesters outside his event to tell him exactly what he can do with his Left Coast ideas!

The Arizona GOP organized protesters to tell Tom Steyer his worst idea to date isn’t welcomed in the Grand Canyon State. Steyer spent millions of his money to force the state to get half of its energy from renewable sources. The cost would be borne by utility ratepayers to construct solar farms and would double each household’s monthly energy costs. It would also force the closure of America’s largest nuclear power plant, Palo Verde Nuclear Generation Station.

Real Arizonans told Steyer what they thought of this budget-busting plan. For starters, Steyer could only get a few pot smoking, live off of Mom and Dad liberal kids to show up to his 8/17 rally in Tempe. The reality is that ASU has a lot of conservative students who don’t take to fondly to wealthy out of state progressives. Protesters held signs and chanted “Leave AZ.” They marched along the sidewalks giving people a glimpse of what Arizonans actually think of his failed liberal policies. The event was a show of force, but not for Steyer who could barely field a crowd. Instead, protestors from the AZGOP came to talk about Steyer’s out-of-touch liberal policies. The event showed that real Arizonans will mobilize to protest the nanny-state controlling our daily lives.

Next time this billionaire leaves his comfortable San Francisco surroundings he may want to keep it a secret where he’s heading. AZ protesters will follow him wherever he goes until he hears the message: Don’t California Our Arizona.

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