Darin Mitchell Dumps Trey Terry

Where is Trey Terry?

Our readers doubted us when they read about the Bromance breakup of Trey Terry and Darin Mitchell. Well, here is the evidence that the breakup is complete. Darin Mitchell is seen here photoshopped in front of the Colorado River, a place he has clearly never been. Absent is former running mate Trey Terry, who was dumped earlier this month so Darin could get the win. Looks like Darin Mitchell has hired Brahm Resnik’s makeup and is using the talented photoshop skills of Chris Baker to make himself appear a water advocate for Yuma. Interesting thing about Chris Baker who designed this mail, just last week in the Arizona Capitol Times he said that Yuma’s vote doesn’t matter and that Dunn couldn’t win because their weren’t enough votes in Yuma. Well, it appears that Baker has changed his tune. I guess Mr. Baker got the polling results back and told Darin, “We need Yuma…time to break it off with Terry.”

Darin Mitchell distances himself from Trey Terry at Yuma Chamber of Commerce

We predicted that Darin Mitchell and Trey Terry’s bromance was strained.

Days after revelations about Trey Terry’s weak stance on border issues and immigration, Darin began to distance himself from his weak running mate. He began running digital ads without him. Darin stood him up at a local republican club he was scheduled to speak at. Later that same week the former couple stopped mentioning they were running as a team, physically distancing themselves at a Yuma event.

Stay tuned…

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