Mitchell and Terry’s Bromance Strained

Arizona political polling is consistently showing conservative farmer and small businessman, Tim Dunn winning the legislative district 13 primary.

So, with hopes that this will provide benefits next session, Darrin Mitchell has teamed up with the rookie Trey Terry, a small time, political novice in a marriage of convenience. Voters are curious about what they are getting out of the marriage?

Well, the happy couple’s relationship is supposed to get Terry elected in a district where PCs passed on him earlier this year and Darrin Mitchell the Speakership. Darrin needs Trey to win to get his vote in his ill-advised ambitions to become Speaker. Trey needs Big Spoon Darrin for his political connections, money, and name ID in the district.

However, with all unhappy marriages there is usually an imbalance. PCs are saying that Trey is not pulling his weight. That he has just been riding Darrin’s coattails and weighing him down with his support of open borders and amnesty. So, sources are saying that Darrin may soon leave him behind. Reports have also surfaced that Darrin has started to run his own advertisements without Terry. An indication that Mitchell may be making the break up official soon.

Insiders have shared with Politics Arizona that the situation is getting pretty awkward.

With early voting starting this week, will the political couple continue to run together or will there be a full breakup? We’ll soon find out.

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