Mark Syms, the former candidate for State Senate has seen his reputation ruined by a series of embarrassing and potentially costly incidents this past month but none as bad as this.

In case you haven’t been watching the fiasco unfold we’ll summarize. Mark was convinced by his wife (REP. SYMS) to run out of spite against her republican colleague in the Senate. He ran as an independent, hired a shady operative who was already under investigation, who then hired even shadier people who forged signatures for Mark to get him on the ballot. The new news, NOW WE KNOW THAT MARK KNEW THE ILLEGAL ACTIVITY WAS OCCURRING.

Syms testified last Friday that he was not aware of any issues with his petitions, then in the same court room admitted to illegal signature gathering. As published in the Yellow Sheet this week,

“Syms told the court that his understanding was that circulators working for Larry

Herrera [THE SHADY OPERATIVE}, whom he hired to collect signatures for his campaign, canvassed neighborhoods as a group, collected signatures, and then a team leader signed off as the circulator on the back of the petition sheets.”

Eric Spencer, The State’s highest elections official verified that this practice was illegal and said, “at most you’d sort of have to be in the vicinity of where the petition is being signed. Not necessarily within arm’s reach of the petition, but in sufficient proximity of where that signature is signed to be able to verify under penalty of perjury that the person who signed it is who they say they are,” he said. “This nonsense of allowing a team leader to sign on behalf of team members has no basis in Arizona law.”

Furthermore, he stated that there were numerous red flags, including fraud allegations against Herrera [SHADY OPERATIVE], which were widely reported, the large number of signatures collected in such a short time frame, and the “astronomical” number of signatures collected in a single day by some of the circulators. Taking all that into account, he said there was a high burden on Syms’ campaign to review the petitions. “It is not enough to call yourself a victim of fraud,” he said. “Candidates aren’t victims here.”

So, we now know that Syms is a fool for running in a race he didn’t care about and hiring a jackal, but now we also know that he is liar and a cheater too.

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