Phillip Woolbright, Disgraced Former Judge, Shamelessly tries again!

Phillip Woolbright was fired by the Arizona Supreme Court for abuse of power. He tried to use the Peoria Police as his personal army. The Maricopa County Attorneys Office had him under investigation.

After a judge granted his wife a restraining order, Woolbright showed up at her house and banged on her door, asking to see the kids. Cops soon showed up and busted him.

Woolbright had discussed with police officers the possibility that he might serve a search warrant against his wife so he could get his kids back, and asked an officer about tracking his wife’s cell phone so he could verify she was in Arizona, records state.

Phillip Woolbright used his knowledge of the Judicial system to evade officials trying to serve him an order of protection for two acts of domestic violence. Phillip Woolbright violated the order after he signed it and used his position as Justice of the Peace to personally benefit his case. Phillip Woolbright intimidated and aggressively pressured witnesses to change their stories to Police. Phillip Woolbright is not fit to be Arrowhead Justice of the Peace. He is not fit to hold Judicial office. When the Arizona Supreme Court ordered that Woolbright be removed it was recorded in official court documents that he “shall not hold judicial office or perform judicial functions in any Arizona court.”

Is the bar so low for Justice of the Peace qualifications that we will allow Phillip Woolbright, a man with a patterned history of abuse of power, Mafia style intimidation tactics, a penchant for violence and blatant disregard for the rule and respect of law?

Woolbright’s doctor has said he is “capable of violence and of physically harming his wife and children.” Court documents state that Woolbright’s kids are fearful of him.

Is Phillip Woolbright who we want representing our justice system?

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