McSally increases payload and people are watching

McSally’s campaign just filed a blockbuster quarter. She is raising money and stock-pilling it like she’s ready to go to war and unleash hell on all of her enemies. She currently has $3.18 million cash on hand from last quarter’s FEC filings. That means, that for every attack ad Kelli could send, McSally could counter 7 times.


In fact, even if Joe Arpaio and Kelli Ward combined their arsenals and attacked McSally, she could still drop twice the payload on them and come back around for another sortie. As a result, people are starting to wonder why the other opponents are even in this battle if they aren’t in it, to win it.

Maybe @BarrettMarson is on to something. Maybe she’s just in it for the attention. However, if we were her, we would choose easier targets then hardened fighter pilots. Consequently, the donors are rallying behind McSally and it looks like she will have enough cash to drop precision artillery for the next 7 months.

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