FAKE NEWS ALERT: Another Fake News Website Revealed

Senator John McCain is the newest target of the Fake News phenomenon. The irony of ‘new revelations’ from a site calling itself TruePundit.com, which of course are unequivocally fake, appear to be nothing more than Russian propaganda getting cozy with the Alt Right. And TruePundit.com has widely been cited as a leading source for misinformation and fake news.

Using a ten-year-old document manufactured by the Russians, the site attempts to create a conspiratorial web – and amazingly points the finger at McCain for a number of slanderous things, chief amongst them, hacking into the President’s private phone line to eavesdrop on classified conversations.

Let that sink in: an anonymous website with ‘True’ in the title is accusing a member of Congress (in this case, the foremost critic of Russia’s belligerent policies who has also been banned from the country by Putin) of tapping the U.S. President’s secured telephone; a highly modified Boeing Black). Then the member congress leaked that information to one of America’s greatest foes.

TruePundit.com is yet another pawn in the fake news game, a series of shadow sites and blogs that manufacture stories as part of a propaganda arsenal. The site isn’t legitimate, the stories and nothing short of fake news, are created to incite emotion, and all of the stories are posted anonymously.

Whether you like McCain or not, there is no doubt that the stories coming from TruePundit.com are just that; Fiction. Tall tales. Propaganda.

And most certainly, FAKE NEWS.

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