Senator McCain: Picking Principles Above Politics

John McCain — the senior Republican U.S. Senator and Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee — has consistently shown us that integrity matters. From his time as a prisoner of war, to his run for reelection to the Senate this year, and all of the time in between. If there’s one thing that people have never questioned it’s the Senator’s principles, morals, and true American patriotism. (He is a maverick, afterall!)

In an audio tape obtained by Talking Points Memo, Senator McCain is recorded talking about how he’s sticking with his principles. Recently, the Senator told Americans that he would be rescinding his endorsement of the Republican Party’s presidential nominee, Donald Trump. The Senator made this decision after a  2005 video surfaced of Trump making crude and vulgar comments about women. Understandably, McCain’s comments following the video leak left many die-hard Trump supporters angry.

Some Trump supporters have taken their frustrations out on Senator McCain’s young campaign staffers and volunteers.  So, as Senator McCain was rallying his volunteers in Phoenix, he told them to stay strong and push forward, because his decision to unendorse Trump was a matter of putting his conscience and principles above politics.

Senator McCain said on the video: “I do what I believe is right. I am a loyal Republican, but I also have an obligation to the people of Arizona whether they’re Republican or Democratic or whatever. So I know that you are going to get a lot of feedback on the phone about my decision, and all I can tell you my dear friends is there are times in my political life when I’ve done things for political reasons, I’ve always regretted it. When I’ve done things because they were the right thing to do, I’ve never regretted it.”

That statement alone, ladies and gentlemen, demonstrates the type of leadership, morals, integrity and character Arizona needs in its leaders. These are the qualities that make Senator McCain one of the greatest public servants of our lifetime. Lastly, these are also the qualities that will lead Senator McCain to victory in November. Thank you for doing what is right, Senator McCain.

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