Northern Arizona University Republicans Endorse Andy Tobin

Andy Tobin, who is running for the Arizona Corporation Commission, has been gaining an incredible amount of steam among millennials in Arizona. This up-and-coming group of voters has the ability to easily sway an election on the national and state levels, and Tobin has managed to tap into their vote.

Tobin’s campaign recently announced that they received an endorsement from the Arizona State University College Republicans Chairman, Kevin Calabrese. This morning they sent out an email blast with yet another endorsement. This time, the Northern Arizona University College Republicans organization, as a whole, is supporting Andy Tobin.

The NAU College Republicans issue the following statement about Tobin: “As NAU College Republicans, we are proud to announce our endorsement of Commissioner Andy Tobin as he runs for a full term to the Arizona Corporation Commission. Andy has been a strong, conservative force and voice since his days at the Arizona Legislature. As a champion for limited government, a representative for rural communities, and a great communicator and leader, Andy is exceptionally qualified to serve on the Corporation Commission. His unique understanding of water and energy issues also distinguish him and are key reasons why we believe he will continue to effectively represent Arizona taxpayers. This November, the NAU College Republicans encourage all of our fellow students and voters in Arizona to show your support for Andy Tobin by voting for him for the Arizona Corporation Commission.”

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