Enemies of Sen. John McCain Doctor Video

This has to be the largest sign of desperation we have ever seen from Senator John McCain’s enemies. Their latest stunt? Doctoring a video of Arizona’s senior Republican U.S. Senator from his 2008 run for president.

In the doctored video posted to Facebook, Senator McCain is seen giving an impromptu press conference on his campaign airplane to a female reporter. The video bleeps out supposed vile language — everything from the “A-word” to the “F-word” — that Senator McCain uses during the interview. The video tries to imply that Senator McCain is unhinged and is showing disrespect for a female reporter.

The footage posted on Facebook is beyond doctored and deplorable. The actual video, which is in the New York Times archives, shows the Senator giving the same interview to the same female reporter. The difference? There isn’t a single swear word used. See the videos for yourself!

McCain’s enemies feel so threatened that they’re willing to literally manufacture blatant lies in order to attempt to smear the Senator. Little do they know that their lies will never stick to a man of John McCain’s integrity. Not only will it not stick, but the voters of Arizona know the Senator better than that, which is why they’re sending him to represent them in Washington, D.C. this November.

Once again, another pathetic and rudimentary stunt backfires on McCain’s enemies.

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