ASU College Republicans Chairman Endorses Andy Tobin for Corporation Commission

Today, Andy Tobin’s campaign for the Arizona Corporation Commission released the following endorsement from the President of the Arizona State University College Republicans, Kevin Calabrese:

“I have admired Andy Tobin since his days as the Speaker of the Arizona House of Representatives. When I found out that Governor Doug Ducey was appointing Speaker Tobin to the Arizona Corporation Commission, I was thrilled and knew that I wanted him to speak to our organization. Recently, Andy Tobin came to address a local Legislative District meeting that I was at. I noticed something in him that is rare to come across nowadays: a political leader who was actually making a concerted effort to connect with the younger generation. He actually cared about us and you could tell he meant it!

“Andy Tobin took the time to not only speak to local leaders, but he also demonstrated extensive knowledge about the Corporation Commission, the duties of the state government, and the role of Republicans and Conservatives in this state. He made his case for the need to keep the Corporation Commission Republican and thereby being able to better represent Arizona’s taxpayers. After listening to Commissioner Tobin speak for an hour, it became very clear to me that there is no one better suited — or qualified — to serve on the Arizona Corporation Commission. I, as a millennial, a college student, and the Chairman of the ASU College Republicans, am proud to endorse Andy Tobin for the Corporation Commission, and I ask that you join me in voting for him this November.”


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