Arizona Republicans Choose Unity Over Division

Arizona Republicans have finally had enough.

For years, a small but vocal cabal of radical activists have plagued the Republican Party, particularly in Maricopa County. Bullying, lying, and deceit have allowed many of these so-called “grassroots leaders” to remain in power for far too long, dragging the discourse into the gutter and attempting to close the party off to all but the most extreme voices.

And of course, they have made it their life’s mission to defeat Senator John McCain. So, how’s it going for them?

As everyone knows, Senator John McCain won his primary election by double digits. He won by over 66,500 votes and many are hoping that this big win for Arizona’s hero is a sign of better times in the Republican Party.

Coupled with a major development at the Precinct Committeeman level, Arizona Republicans have chosen a path of unity and conservative leadership over divisiveness and attacks.

Last week, results of all contested Precinct Committeeman elections were released. And those who have spent so much of their time and energy to tear down fellow Republicans were sent a clear and convincing message: “You’re Fired.”

There is perhaps no better poster child for the Maricopa County GOP’s dysfunction and corruption than its Chairman, Tyler Bowyer. As party finances collapse, and basic GOTV and party activities go unfunded, Bowyer has spent the last two years attacking Senator McCain, attempting to purge the party of anyone who he deems unworthy, and failing to enforce his own party bylaws.

On Election Day, Bowyer was soundly rejected by Maricopa County Republicans.

Using his platform as Chairman of the MCRC, Bowyer campaigned hard for Kelli Ward, publicly endorsing her and promoting her on social media. Maricopa County voters took Bowyer’s endorsement into consideration…and then gave John McCain a massive, 18-point victory in Maricopa.

But voters didn’t just overwhelmingly reject Bowyer’s chosen candidate. They overwhelmingly rejected Bowyer. In his contested race for Precinct Committeeman, he received…wait for it…exactly three votes. Not three percent. Three votes. Assuming Bowyer and his wife wrote his name in, just one additional individual cast a ballot for Tyler. Needless to say, Tyler Bowyer lost in his bid to be elected as a PC, and is therefore ineligible to serve another term as MCRC Chair.

Bowyer is just one in a long line of obstructionists and Republican mud-throwers to be shown the door. Many of the ringleaders of the infamous “McCain censure” will also need to find a new platform to spew their hate.

So while Tyler Bowyer, Ray Sweeney, Rob Haney and so many other dead-enders have now been ushered out of the party, John McCain will be back in the Senate, serving us for another six years.

As it should be.

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