Justice Prevails!

If you were among the many who read yesterday’s account of MCRC Chair Tyler Bowyer’s deceitful effort to remove a GOP activist from the ballot…today brought good news!

Short recap: Bowyer arrived on Sunday, just before the Tuesday election, to the home of Mr. Larry Winward with a friendly notary by his side. He told Mr. Winward the overage of PC write-in candidates on the ballot was a mistake and if he would simply withdraw it would correct the error.  He sweetened the deal with stories of how the two of them had mutual friends and supported all the same causes. Just sign here, my friend Linda will notarize and all is well.  That is until Mr. Winward had second thoughts, emailed Bowyer promptly and also had a subsequent phone conversation with him demanding he not file the withdrawal form – all before the opening of the county elections office on Monday morning.  Mr. Winward, not trusting Bowyer, contacted the county with strict instructions to disregard if filed.

Bowyer being the stand-up guy he is, filed it anyway.  The county accepted the withdrawal and removed Mr. Winward from eligibility resulting in a “no contest” situation in Duke precinct, meaning votes were never counted and Bowyer is automatically in as a PC.  When the results were made public on Wednesday evening, Mr. Winward couldn’t find his name on the returns. When the county was asked why, it was revealed that Bowyer filed the withdrawal even though it was in direct opposition to his written demand.

Status Update: Mr. Winward presented the county with an affidavit detailing the situation, including a paper trail that included his written request to the county deny the filing, and called for the remedy of having the votes counted.

The Maricopa County Recorder’s Office, upon further review, made the decision to reinstate Mr. Winward onto the ballot, requiring the votes for precinct committeeman in Duke Precinct to be counted after all.  We have no idea what the outcome of the vote will be, it may not change at all.  But what we do know, is the duplicitous and deceitful Bowyer didn’t get away with another scheme.

Should Bowyer not win his position as an elected PC, he would be ineligible to hold office in the party, nor could he vote for the new leadership. And even if he does get one of the PC slots, this entire episode should demonstrate that he is simply unfit to serve as the MCRC Chair.

Either way, his days of using the county party as his own personal playground, the county offices for means that have nothing to do with GOP activities, and the often questioned, never answered financial reports just might come to an end, as well.

One can only hope.

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