If You Can’t Beat Them… A tale of lies, deceit, and disgust

The old saying, “if you can’t beat them join them” just took a new turn in Maricopa County.  According to MCRC Chair Tyler Bowyer, if you can’t beat them, just lie and cheat. And as he faced the prospect of losing his coveted spot as a Precinct Committeeman spot, that’s exactly what Tyler Bowyer did.

In Bowyer’s Duke precinct, no one, including Tyler, filed paperwork to be a PC. Instead, Tyler decided to run as a write in. A number of other Republican activists also filed to run as write-ins. In fact, more people filed than were available slots to fill. It was possible that Tyler Bowyer would lose his election. In his mind, this simply would not do.

So Tyler Bowyer took an extraordinary step.  He actually visited the home of one of the other PC candidates on the Sunday evening before the election. He lied about his positions and alliances, browbeat the activist into withdrawing his name, and conveniently brought an affidavit to sign and a notary to make it official (see the images below)!  

The gentleman signs, then has second thoughts, asking “Who is he to say I can’t run?” That same evening, he sends a letter via email to Bowyer saying, “destroy and do not file the form I signed”. He also calls Bowyer, on Monday morning before the elections office was open, making clear his desire for the document to be destroyed and not filed.  Not trusting Bowyer, he also sends an email to the county elections office, verifying Bowyer does not have his permission to file the document and to ignore it if filed.  The email was verified as received and he was advised to contact Bowyer.

But, despite these demands, in writing, of a Republican activist who wanted to be a Precinct Committeeman, Bowyer filed the withdrawal of his candidacy anyway.  It was the only way to save his own skin. He knew he was going to lose.

It appears that despite the demands of the PC candidate, the Maricopa County officials accepted the withdrawal affidavit. At this point, in the view of the county, there was no contested election. Bowyer, along with the other PC candidates, were considered elected without any ballots being counted.

But Tyler’s victim is not allowing himself to be bullied. In fact, he is filing a claim with the county and demanding that his votes be counted. The County Supervisors meet at 10:30 this Friday morning. We hope they do the right thing and remedy this massive failure by the County Elections office.

Bottom line here – Bowyer, once again, has proven himself to be a snake of the lowest order who will lie, cheat, and steal to maintain his position of power.  Actually, that’s an insult to all snakes. The county elections department should never have allowed him to file the document after receiving notice from the Republican activist that did not wish to withdraw from the race.

A Republican activist was taken advantage of, and now is being robbed of his rights as a candidate for office.  The votes in Duke precinct should be counted.

As for Tyler Bowyer; he may win this count, and he may lose. But one thing is certain:  he is clearly unfit for office and lacking any sense of honesty or integrity.         



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