Itasca Small: Too Radical for Legislative District 25

Itasca Small is running a small–no pun intended–campaign against State Senator Bob Worsley in Legislative District 25. But she’s not running a traditional campaign by any means. She is running as a write-in candidate. Why? Rumor has it that Small could not get nearly enough signatures to put her name on the ballot. Some would take it as a sign that it’s either the wrong time, the wrong district, or simply the wrong candidate. But not Itasca Small. No, she is running in a district that is satisfied with its leadership in the Arizona Legislature.

You might be asking yourself: why couldn’t she get on the ballot? Well, perhaps it has something to do with her radical, conspiracy-like views. Let us explain it this way: Itasca Small is to education conspiracies as Kelli Ward is to chemtrails! Recently, Small spoke at a public event where she stated that her belief that the school systems not teaching cursive writing–and instead teaching print–is part of a larger plot to influence, change, and at times erase our children’s’ personalities and values. She said that this is the government’s way of keeping our kids inside “the box they want you to be in.”

Small is also a large believer in the presence of constructivism in our education system. No, not the math, art or foreign affairs theory of constructivism. Rather, her very own idea that schools and educators are designing curriculums to “destroy, devolve and deconstruct,” everything that we’ve taught our children. This is the system’s way of molding us, so that we may live our lives the way the government intends

Evidently Itasca Small has been reading too many of George Orwell’s novels. Her extremism has no place in Legislative District 25, and especially has no place in the Arizona State Senate. Representing the people of Arizona and District 25 is serious business. This state cannot afford her antics or conspiracy theories. Itasca Small is simply too radical and too dangerous.

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