Kelli Ward’s Campaign Spirals Downward

Conservative Mike Pence, the Governor of Indiana and Donald Trump’s running mate, endorsed John McCain’s reelection to the United States Senate on Thursday. Governor Pence praised Senator McCain for his leadership and efforts to help veterans. Governor Pence recently visited Arizona, and met privately with Senator McCain during his trip to the state. During Pence’s visit he commented on Senator McCain’s service saying, “Sen. McCain has provided the kind of leadership throughout his career that has stood up for our military; stood up for a strong America”.

Despite the kind words from Governor Pence, Kelli Ward misrepresented Gov. Pence’s position, and attempted to create controversy where none existed. Ward was quick to comment that, “…Mike Pence recognize(s) that we cannot win Arizona’s U.S. Senate seat in November with McCain.” Of course, Governor Pence said no such thing, and indeed shortly thereafter reiterated his strong support for Senator McCain. Ward’s statement was yet another attempt to mislead Arizona voters.

This is becoming a disturbing pattern with Kelli Ward, as she consistently says and does things that make us wonder if she has any respect for the voters she hopes to represent. It isn’t hard to see why she is resorting to these tactics. Quite simply, she is badly losing this campaign, and she is looking for any reason to try to gain a small bit of relevance. A recent poll shows Senator McCain at 47 percent and Ward at 22 percent, a massive 25 point advantage. Ward is trying every tactic, whether plagiarizing campaign ads or misleading voters about Gov. Pence’s support for Senator McCain. All of this should come as no surprise considering Arizonans are becoming more and more aware of her dangerous stances. Let’s not forget Ward’s not-so pro-life stance, her unrelenting belief that Chem Trails are poisoning Arizonans, and her weak stance on national security.

Kelli Ward’s 15 minutes of fame are almost up. It’s sad to see her end her campaign with so many false statements and underhanded tactics. Meanwhile, one thing is clear. True conservatives like Mike Pence stand strongly with Senator McCain

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