Bob Burns Teams Up With Democrat Slate for Corporation Commission

This election season is truly shaping out to be one of a kind! Republican Bob Burns, a Corporation Commissioner in Arizona who is running for re-election, has been working with Democrats! Not in a kumbaya let’s-craft-bipartisan-policy way, rather in a divisive we-need-to-defeat-the-other-Republicans way. The two Democrats that Burns is working with are also vying to serve on the Corporation Commission: Bill Mundell and Tom Chabin.

While there are three open seats on the Arizona Corporation Commission this year, Mundell and Chabin’s Democrat ticket is leaving a 3rd spot open for Burns. Why? Because like the Democrats he votes and acts as though he’s an elected liberal on the Commission.

What is even more concerning is that Bob Burns’s new buddy, William “Bill” Mundell is actually a failed career politician! As the Real Faces of Elder Abuse blog reports: “[Mundell] was fired in February 2015 from his last job as the head of the Registrar of Contractors (ROC). Governor Doug Ducey fired William “Bill” Mundell during his first month as the Arizona Governor for incompetence based homeowner complaints and a state audit of the ROC.”

Since Mundell was fired from one agency, do we seriously want him serving on the AZ Corporation Commission? Do we trust him to impartially and competently represent taxpayers, ratepayers, and businesses? Our verdict is ‘no’. To add on to that, do we seriously want Republican-turned-liberal Bob Burns who is partnering with Mundell and Chabin to represent us? Again, no.

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