New Game App Normalizes Marijuana Industry for Children

PHOENIX (JULY 27) – A new game app called “Hemp Inc.” is now among the many web apps glorifying drug use and sales as entertainment. Hemp Inc. looks like a children’s game and teaches users to maneuver around the law to create their own marijuana empire.

“The goal of the game right now is to grow weed, sell weed, and improve your standing in the community so you can help decriminalize cannabis within our virtual world,” said Danny Hammett, of HKA Digital Studios.

“Today’s marijuana is clearly being marketed to and targeting our children — first with candy and child-attractive edibles, and now with books and even interactive web games,” said Seth Leibsohn, Chair of Arizonans for Responsible Drug Policy. “And, in places like Colorado, we are seeing dramatic and damaging results, such as skyrocketing childhood ingestion and increased youth use. The legalization industry says marijuana will only be made more available for adults, but it’s now abundantly clear they’ve set their sights on our children.”

The new game app is only the latest effort to make marijuana more appealing to children.  The marijuana movement claims it does not want children to use or grow marijuana, but they have yet to demonstrate any sincerity.

Learn more about the app here.

About Arizonans for Responsible Drug Policy
The Arizonans for Responsible Drug Policy PAC was formed to actively oppose any initiative that would legalize the recreational use of the drug marijuana in the state of Arizona. Visit for more information. Paid for by Arizonans for Responsible Drug Policy in Opposition to I-08-2016. Major funding by the Arizona Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Empire Southwest LLC, Microchip Technology Incorporated, and Robson Communities Inc.

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