Kelli Ward Flaunts Another Terrible Endorsement: Tom Tancredo

From isolationist Congressman Ron Paul to conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, we thought we had seen it all! It seems as though every fringe politician has endorsed Kelli Ward who is a former State Senator running against Republican U.S. Senator John McCain. Little did we know that when it rains, it really pours–can you blame us, though? We live in Arizona.

This past week Ward has released an endorsement from U.S. Congressman Tom Tancredo from Colorado. Yes, the same Tancredo who ran a failed campaign for President. Yes, the same Tancredo who said multiple times that he was going to quit the Republican Party in times when the GOP needs more dedicated public servants. And yes, the same Tancredo who believes that President Obama is trying to transform the U.S. into a Muslim mecca. Tancredo said the following during a radio interview while suggesting that the President should have had his hand on the Quran instead of the Bible when taking the Oath of Office: “There’s always the, you know, is he really a Muslim? And for them, it is perfectly acceptable to lie about this kind of thing in order to accomplish the goal.”

So, readers, is it surprising that Kelli Ward and her campaign have been endorsed by a conspiracy theorist who blames the lack of President Obama’s leadership on a religion? Think about it… Probably not surprising.

Kelli Ward’s endorsements are proving one thing to us: that she has yet to establish herself as a serious candidate for the U.S. Senate. Thus far she has been nothing short of a conspiracy theorist and dangerous isolationist at a time when our country and our safety are in grave jeopardy. We need strength and experience, not conspiracy theories and desperation.

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