AJ LaFaro Slanders Robert Graham

AJ LaFaro, once an activist, turned county party chairman, has crossed a line. While hardworking conservatives are focused on serving the community, helping conservatives win primaries, and electing our Republican team to office in November, Lafaro is still nursing a grudge against Arizona Republican Party Chairman Robert Graham.

Recently, LaFaro wrote in the Maricopa County Briefs that Graham used the AZGOP as his “personal piggy bank” stating, as fact, that Graham used party funds to travel the Pacific Islands and to pay for his family to attend the RNC Convention. Typical of a radical liberal, LaFaro attacks Graham without doing any homework or collecting any facts.

Turns out Graham DID NOT spend any party money for these trips, but spent his own funds. Lafaro then attacked Graham hosting an event for the RNC delegation in Cleveland as well as having a performer there. The concert, hosted by Kid Rock, was actually a charity event. From what we hear, the event raised thousands of dollars for a charity.

As anyone with organizational experience would know, Graham likely has a budget for each separate activity. His Executive Director has an MBA, and as does Graham. Of course, Lafaro isn’t much of an organizational leader which is why he is possessed with jealousy over the things Robert Graham has accomplished at the AZGOP.  Reports are that Chairman Robert Graham raised close to $300,000 exclusively for the purpose of the National Convention.

Judging by photos from people such as Governor Doug Ducey and other elected officials, it appears that not only did Graham have quite a crowd of people raising money for charity, but his team at the AZGOP also worked hard to do good for the less fortunate in our nation. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and seeing photos of the AZ delegation volunteering and raising money is truly a sentiment to what the State Party and Chairman Graham stand for. 



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