Kelli Ward’s Financial Woes

Now we understand why Kelli Ward went to Cleveland, Ohio for the Republican National Convention: she needs money! Earlier this week we shared the following with you:

“At the GOP convention, on ‘Media Row,’ Ward has taken it upon herself to troll as many television and radio media organizations as possible. You would think that perhaps she would take this as an opportunity to spread her message of supposed ‘conservatism,’ but instead, she has taken the time to mock and belittle her opponents. Ward is pushing to have a one-on-one debate with Senator McCain.”

Late last week, Dan Nowicki, a reporter for the Arizona Republic tweeted the following:

Kelli Ward’s campaign doesn’t have enough money, and the money that they do have, they can’t manage! In the 2nd fundraising quarter, Ward neted $311,000, but spent $36,000 more than she actually had. The end result? Kelli Ward’s campaign is over $151,000 in debt. That’s right folks, she’s in debt.

As political words of wisdom go: the way a campaign is run–or a candidate behaves–is a direct reflection of how their offices will run–and the elected official will behave. Here is what having Kelli Ward in the Senate might look like: conspiracy theories, mismanagement of our money, disrespect toward veterans and law enforcement, a pro-choice agenda, and a dangerous foreign policy perspective. The people of Arizona and of the United States do not need another liberal like Kelli Ward in the U.S. Senate. We must keep the Senate Republican.

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