Kelli Ward a Plagiarist?

Kelli Ward is once again making everyone throw their hands up in the air out of frustration, but this time, it’s bigger than just Arizona or the U.S. Senate Race. Frankly, Ward’s latest actions are so unprecedented that even most news reporters and television stations are shocked and speechless…That says a lot.

Ward’s campaign released an ad that is an identical copy of an attack ad made and used by Mitt Romney’s 2008 presidential campaign. According to 3TV’s Dennis Welch, “In Ward’s version of the ad, it appears she only replaced the tag line. Instead of Romney saying he ‘approved the message’ Ward is seen making the closing statement.” If this was a student submitting a paper to a teacher, they would be in big, big academic trouble.

See the ad here. 

After the news broke Wednesday morning, 3TV reports that Mitt Romney’s campaign lawyers sent Ward a cease and desist letter demanding that she stop using the old 2008 ad. Absolutely unbelievable.

Senator McCain’s campaign rightfully pointed out that, “It’s hard to take Kelli Ward seriously at this point.” Theories of chemtrails, 9/11 cover-ups, and black U.N. helicopters have all been echoed by Kelli Ward and her campaign. Either someone needs to get new campaign staff and advisors, or the candidate herself is utterly unprepared, unpolished, and lacking in leadership (let alone, common sense).

A high school or college student could at best face academic probation for submitting something like this, and in the worst case scenario, face expulsion. Well, Kelli Ward, it’s time that the people of Arizona expel you from this senate race before you and your campaign embarrass yourselves once again.


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