Alex Meluskey: Kelli Ward Is Not Truly Pro Life

The gloves are coming off, folks! Over the weekend Alex Meluskey–a Republican candidate running against both Senator John McCain and Kelli Ward–printed a piece in the Arizona Statesman accusing Ward of being “inconsistently prochoice.”

In the photo below, Meluskey asserts that Ward believes that the “Federal government should not interfere with doctors attempting to explain benefits of abortion to women.” He quotes Ward from February 9, 2015 when she said, “Abortion is ultimately up to the parents,” and points out that she refused to sign the Equal Protection for Posterity Petition. These are some pretty undeniable facts, folks. At the very least, extremely damaging to Ward’s image of being vehemently and fiercely pro-life.

Meluskey even released a press release about Ward’s supposed pro-life stance saying that, “Kelli Ward’s claims are even thinner. The fact is my opponents cannot be trusted to protect the supreme individual right to life.”

This particular issue is absolutely imperative to the voters of Arizona and the country as a whole. Furthermore, the Republican Party’s platform takes a strictly pro-life stance. Ward has always railed against elected politicians for flip-flopping on policy positions or vaguely answering questions, but when push comes to shove, she is no different herself. It is time that Ward stops lying to the voters of Arizona and starts telling the truth, for once.

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