Kelli Ward’s Dangerous Foreign Policy

During the entire Obama administration U.S. Senator John McCain has been a fearless advocate for improving America’s national security. Whether it be domestic or abroad, few Senators have ever played such an important role in developing America’s response and defense to terror. In fact, McCain has been a foil against not only Obama’s agenda of appeasement but also against a rising radical subset of Republicans who share their liberal counterparts’ belief that America is safer by ignoring its threats overseas.

McCain’s primary opponent, Kelli Ward, is the perfect example of this rising fringe. Ward’s campaign has been built on associating herself with fringe figures within American politics from Ron Paul to Cliven Bundy. Recently, Ward’s struggling campaign has jumped the gun by outrageously claiming that Senator John McCain was “directly responsible for the rise of ISIS.” Ward’s full accusation was:

“’I … am not afraid to place the blame right where it belongs: John McCain is ‘directly responsible’ for the rise of ISIS,’ former Arizona state Sen. Kelli Ward said in a statement Thursday evening. ‘Without his dangerously distracted foreign policy, we would not have this ruthless Islamic extremist organization that crucifies children, systematically rapes women, oppresses Christians, and throws homosexuals off rooftops.’”

If this was not insulting enough, she adds:

“’The reason John is currently losing a reliably red state to a rubber stamp Obama Democrat (that would be Ann Kirkpatrick) is because he is dangerously distracted with his ‘Invade the World, Invite the World’ agenda.’”

Did you catch that? Ward cannot help but reveal her foreign policy foundation of isolation. Can you be surprised then that she enthusiastically embraced her endorsement of Ron Paul? Remember, Paul said during a presidential candidate debate that 9/11 was America’s fault. Paul also said on Money and Markets, “I believe that if we ever get the full truth [about 9/11], we’ll find out that our government had it in the records exactly what the plans were, or at least close to it.” In addition, Ron Paul is a frequent guest on Alex Jones’ show, and according to the Huffington Post, Paul is no stranger to “trips down the rabbit hole of conspiracy theor[ies], black helicopters and trilateral commissions.” Paul also used to send out newsletters filled with ideas from Holocaust deniers and believers and survivors of upcoming race wars.

Does Ward believe, like Paul, in her heart that America’s “globalism” is the primary reason for radical terror across the globe? Ward’s stance is essentially a progressive’s position that by disengaging the Middle-East, America will become a safer place. But has that worked in Obama’s Nobel Prize winning presidency? Obama’s extreme rhetoric was never even fully realized when he took office as the realities of the war settled in. Those realities had his own progressive flank angry at their liberal champion. Ward has no experience, education, or authority to fully understand the problems facing America around the globe.

As Rich Lowry points out:

But with two domestic terror attacks in the last six months killing more than 60 people and wounding more than 70, the long stretch of safety at home is harder to dismiss.

The rise of terror attacks within the United States — in addition to the mayhem in San Bernardino and Orlando, there has been a drumbeat of smaller attacks — corresponds with ISIS conquering and holding swaths of territory in Syria and Iraq. It isn’t a coincidence.

John McCain and other hawks warned so often during the Iraq war that if we retreated in the face of the jihadi threat overseas, it would follow us home that the argument began to lose its force. But they were right.

Ward’s claim that McCain is responsible for ISIS is not only laughable but dangerously revealing of Ward’s judgment and belief system. We cannot elect Ward to the United States Senate.

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