County Supervisor Denny Barney’s Summer Reading Program

It’s finally summer in Arizona which means one of three things: 1) the lovely dry heat, 2) kids are out of school, 3) because the kids are out of school parents don’t know how to fill the extra time. Well, have no fear because County Supervisor Denny Barney’s summer reading program is here!

In all seriousness, Maricopa County Supervisor Denny Barney’s reading challenge is engaging over 2,200 people, and the entire program is being used by over 65,000 people. That’s impressive. The purpose is to ensure that Arizona’s children continue achieving new milestones in their education even when school is out.

Denny Barney is taking it one step further by not only giving kids in Maricopa county an impetus to read–free Chipotle is the prize–but he is also exemplifying his devotion to public service and our communities. Barney understands that the future of this county, state and nation lies in the hands of our children who can only be prepared for such an immense responsibility through stellar education. This is definitely a small but mighty step in the right direction.

Take a look at his email here.

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