Kelli Ward: She Just Doesn’t Understand

Our feelings are hurt. It appears as though every time we call out Kelli Ward’s lack of experience in foreign policy and international affairs, she comes back with something twice as good to prove our point! For those who do not know yet, Kelli Ward is a former State Senator from Lake Havasu City who decided to challenge conservative Republican U.S. Senator John McCain. Yes, the same John McCain who retired from the Navy as a Captain after serving in Vietnam. The same John McCain who then went on to fulfill his mission and promise to serve the people of this amazing country. And the same John McCain who is now the Chairman of the powerful and all too important Senate Armed Services Committee.

This past weekend Kelli Ward posted a Facebook status in which she says, “John McCain is directly responsible for the rise of ISIS. Libya, Syria, and Iraq would not be the ‘Harvard of terrorism’ if he had not worked with Hillary Clinton to arm so many militant groups as part of Barack Obama’s failed foreign policy.”

Shocking? Yes. Surprising? No. Why do we say that? Simply because Ward herself has said time and time again that she has no foreign policy experience and has never voted on a single issue that pertained to international policy. Yet somehow Ward feels knowledgeable enough to not only criticize this nation’s leading conservative voice in foreign policy and defense, but also charges that he is “directly responsible for the rise of ISIS.” If that is not outrageous and ludicrous, we just don’t know what is at this point.

We cannot afford to put someone so reckless and immature to represent Arizona and furthermore, the United States of America, in the Senate. We cannot afford to put someone who is being supported by isolationist and 9/11 conspiracy theorist, Ron Paul. We cannot afford to lose John McCain as the Chairman of the Armed Services Committee in a time when this nation needs sounds, principled, and effective leadership like his when dealing with defense abroad and domestically. Our nation is under attack from different groups, ideologies, and organizations: Kelli Ward cannot and will not protect us. The choice for the U.S. Senate is clear.

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