Three Former Governors Endorse Sen. John McCain

This morning Senator John McCain’s campaign released perhaps its biggest endorsements to date from three former Arizona Governors: J. Fife Symington (19th Governor), Jane D. Hull (20th Governor), and Jan K. Brewer (21st Governor).  

The three endorsements hold an immense amount of gravitas in Arizona. All three governors have seen Arizona through some of its most prosperous years, its highest highs and lowest lows. They understand the political field, the people of Arizona, and how to enact effective policy.

The three governors, above all, recognize that Senator McCain is knowledgeable and experienced in foreign policy, defense, and military strategies. They acknowledge that as the Chairman of the U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee McCain is a valuable component to keeping our country safe from threats both domestic and abroad.

Governor Symington put it best, “Our nation still needs John McCain,” he said. “The cause of freedom still needs John McCain. History will record John McCain as America’s foremost defender of freedom in the early 21st Century. … There is only one John McCain, and he must be returned to the Senate to continue his life’s work of service to the people of Arizona.”

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