Sen. McCain Visits Troops in Afghanistan; Kelli Ward Lashes Out

Over the 4th of July weekend, Arizona’s Republican U.S. Senator John McCain visited Afghanistan to celebrate Independence Day with U.S. troops. During his trip Sen. McCain heavily criticized President Obama and his Administration. According to an Arizona Republic article, McCain said that he was, “very concerned about the proposed cutbacks in the troop strength in Afghanistan.” He continued by saying, “I think it will lead to the same result as it did when Obama pulled everybody out of Iraq. It’s a matter of great concern. … Right now, their plans are — unless they change, and I hope they will change — to go from 9,800 down to 5,500. That’s not enough to defend the country against the Taliban.” His statement follows a wave of Taliban attacks against the U.S. supported Afghan government.

In the meantime, back in Arizona, McCain’s Republican challenger Kelli Ward was launching senseless and baseless attacks — as usual — against the Senator. According to the same article, Ward said that the Senator was “palling around in Islamabad”. Furthermore, she called into question the Senator’s integrity, his foreign policy priorities, and demanded that he “explain what he is doing over there, who is he meeting with, what he is giving them, and why.”

Evidently Ward is either unable to read simple facts or she is so oblivious in her bubble that she refuses to acknowledge reality. Senator McCain was making a regular 4th of July trip. “It’s a matter of record,” he said. “I am proud to go. I am proud to spend time on our Independence Day with the men and women who are serving in our military. We awarded medals, we did re-enlistments, we had meals with them.”

Kelli Ward’s latest attack on Senator McCain is downright shameful and unpatriotic. Our U.S. Senator took time away from his family to visit the men and women who fight day in and day out for our country; they protect us, and they insure that we hold on to our values and freedoms. It is shameful that a woman with so little–practically inexistent–foreign policy experience has the audacity to criticize the Senator for such a selfless and patriotic act. This is not the type of leader our state or our country deserves.

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