Kelli Ward: Campaign Tactics 101

This past weekend, Arizona Republic reporter Dan Nowicki published an article about how “Tensions are rising between Republican U.S. Senate challenger Kelli Ward and incumbent Sen. John McCain’s campaign trackers and volunteers.” To start, for those who do not know, ‘trackers’ are often hired staff or campaign volunteers who go around recording–hence, ‘tracking’–their opponents at public events. This practice is utilized by both parties in hopes of catching a campaign’s opponent saying something that is potentially condemning.

Normally there is nothing risqué or controversial about tracking candidates, but Kelli Ward has managed to contrive stories time and time again about McCain’s trackers. As Nowicki points out, “A few days ago, Ward accused a McCain aide of nearly knocking down her mother.” In a subsequent interview Ward said that there was clapping and cheering from the present McCain staff after the encounter occurred. One would think that such an accusation would have serious evidence to back up the actual encounter, right? Wrong. A video obtained by Breitbart shows a McCain staffer tracking Ward as she enters a building, accidentally backing into Ward’s mother, and then captures Ward’s mother who proceeds to theatrically shout and throw her hands up.

You would think this was the first time Ward’s campaign has bullied McCain’s staffers, right? Again, wrong. Michael Ward — Kelli’s husband — “was captured on video calling McCain’s southern Arizona field director and expletive and intentionally blocking the view of his smartphone camera.” As pictured above, Ward positioned herself right in front of a young tracker as he was taping her. And, at an event in Saddlebrooke, talking to a tracker Ward said, “He tries to intimidate me, but I’m going to be close to him this time.”

A political adage suggests that the way a campaign is run is directly reflective of not only the candidate, but also the way their administration or office will be run. If bullying, harassment, and intimidation is what we are seeing from Kelli Ward now, then what can we expect of her when she gets into office? If she doesn’t have the temperament to handle a mild campaign, how is she going to handle interesting groups and more importantly world leaders and terrorists?! Is that truly the type of representation we want from our leaders?

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