Arizona State Troopers Association Endorses David Gowan for Congress

PHOENIX (June 22) – The Arizona State Troopers Association today announced their support of candidate David Gowan for Arizona’s First Congressional District.

“As an organization representing Department of Public Safety employees, the Arizona State Troopers Association considers many factors when endorsing a political candidate,” said Jimmy Chavez, president of Arizona State Troopers Association. “A commitment to public safety should be a leading priority for any candidate seeking public office, as well as a willingness to adequately fund public safety.”

“The safety of Arizonans is one of my primary concerns,” said David Gowan. “For many years I have worked closely with our State Troopers, who protect our families and keep them safe. As I run for this Congressional seat, I  look forward to the continued work with the Arizona Sate Troopers Association to create a more secure place for Arizonans to live and work.”

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About David Gowan
As the first Speaker from southern Arizona in almost 30 years, Speaker Gowan’s priorities focus on education, veterans and agriculture; with a broad drive to deregulate commerce, lower taxes and reduce the size and scope of government. During his time at the legislature, David has drawn on the principles gained as a ninth-degree black belt – honor, patience, respect and spirit – to guide his legislative work. David’s efforts have earned him the “Guardian of Small Business” award from the National Federation of Independent Businesses, the “Spirit of Business” award from the Tucson Chamber of Commerce, and the “Advocate of the Year” award from the Arizona Game and Fish Department. He was born and raised in northern California to an Air Force veteran father and restaurateur mother. He learned the value of a dollar by working summers in his mother’s restaurant and winters in a local saw mill. He lives in southern Arizona with his wife, Jessica, and their two sons.

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