Kelli Ward: The Dangerous U.S. Senate Candidate

Yesterday, according to The Washington Post, Arizona’s senior U.S. Senator John McCain made a bold statement against President Barack Obama and his reckless policies that have led to Americans losing their lives. McCain said, “When [President Obama] pulled everybody out of Iraq, al-Qaeda went to Syria, became ISIS, and ISIS is what it is today thanks to Barack Obama’s failures.”

What unfolded next is bound to shock some… Kelli Ward, a Republican challenging Senator McCain, had the audacity to release a statement where she said, “John McCain is ‘directly responsible’ for the rise of ISIS.” Then it became apparent: the train has left the station.

We were certain that Kelli Ward had no foreign policy experience, or knowledge–especially after she was endorsed by isolationist and former Representative Ron Paul. We were positive that she was too wrapped up in fringe conspiracy theories such as chemtrails and black U.N. helicopters that were policing her. But, through it all, we clung on to the hope that maybe, just maybe, she had some common sense. Or that she could read. Clearly, we have been let down once again.

We need to identify one important thing in this entire scenario: Kelli Ward has not ever been in a leadership role or has ever made a decision to defend our country from ISIS. All she has done in her campaign is embrace conspiracy theories, waged a campaign against our law enforcement and armed services, and has opposed funding that would prevent our troops from being thrown into harm’s way.

Her latest comments are not only downright false, but they should be embarrassing to her and her failing campaign. They also signal to voters that she is part of the failed foreign policy concepts of the failed isolationist wing of our party led by libertarians like Ron Paul.

John McCain always has, and always will be, a champion of our United States Armed Forces. Whether serving his country on the battlefield or in the United States Senate as the Chairman of the Armed Services Committee, McCain has never turned his back on our troops and national defense. He has never turned his back on our allies like Israel.  A vote for Kelli Ward is a vote against the protection of America and its allies abroad.

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