Kelli Ward’s Husband, Michael Ward, Perpetuates the Ward Campaign’s Bullying Tactics

Michael Ward — the husband of former Arizona State Senator Kelli Ward who is running against Arizona U.S. Senator John McCain — is once again perpetuating the Ward campaign’s bullying tactics. This past Friday, according to the Arizona Republic, the McCain campaign released a video of Michael Ward aggressively blocking a 24-year-old southern AZ field representative from the McCain campaign. The staffer was videotaping Kelli Ward who was speaking at the Green Valley Tea Party meeting.

In the video, Michael Ward turns to a member of the audience and says, “I’m not trying to block you. I’m just trying to get in the way of this (expletive) right here.”

In the age of modern technology, campaigns on both sides of the political spectrum often designate “trackers,” usually millennials, whose job is to videotape or audiotape their opponent’s public remarks. As Arizona Republic’s Dan Nowicki writes, “It is a lesson every political campaign learns sooner or later: Just ignore the opposition tracker videotaping your candidate.”

However, this occurrence is not some random faux pas made by Michael Ward: This is part of an ongoing trend from the Ward campaign of bullying millennials. A few months ago, in February, Kelli Ward herself called millennial activists and volunteers for Sen. McCain “kids” who “have no idea” about his record, but are “enticed by the glimmer of his celebrity.” Michael Ward then proceeded to call out one GOP millennial activist on her personal Facebook page saying he was disappointed in her after she and a group of activists requested a formal apology from Kelli Ward. To date, no apology has been issued.

Both Kelli and Michael Ward know no bounds when it comes to not only handling themselves with their opposition, but also when it comes to using level-headed judgement in the public sphere. They revert to bullying, name-calling, vile language and other extreme tactics as a way to show their “upper hand.” If this is what we are to expect from a U.S. Senator, then count us out.

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