Kirkpatrick Ignored in DNC Funding

Hillary Clinton is focusing on battleground states in the upcoming senate races, hoping to tip things in the Democrat’s favor in states where it seems likely they can pull off a win. ABC News reports, “For Democrats, the organizing efforts form the bedrock of their 2016 campaign — registering voters, recruiting volunteers and driving turnout.”

Six of the eight focus states have Republican incumbents that the DNC hopes to overthrow in the coming election. Noticeably absent from the list of states is Arizona, where Ann Kirkpatrick fights a losing battle against John McCain.

While it may be due to McCain’s likability in the state, it seems equally feasible that Democrats simply want nothing to do with Kirkpatrick who has proven over and over that she is out of touch with her state. From walking out of town hall meetings, to voting for Obamacare, her voting record may leave her out of contention even with the Clinton campaign looking to make Arizona competitive.  

In a recent video, Kirkpatrick’s vote for Obamacare is brought to task, showing how the health care program has pushed rates in Arizona to more than double the national average while driving trusted health insurers out of the state. That may be her most high-profile vote, but more telling is her history of voting nay on vital legislation that would benefit Arizonans at large. A history of her voting record shows that almost every bill she fought was passed, including the SOAR and SAFE acts.

Interestingly, Kirkpatrick has chosen to focus more on attacks on McCain than on her own campaign ideas, hoping that by hiding her inability to connect with Arizonans she can pull out a win. But her attacks on the incumbent senator have made her few friends. McCain has worked with Democrats on important legislation that has benefitted constituents on both sides of the political spectrum, especially those living in Arizona where his interest in veteran affairs has helped pave a way for change. Kirkpatrick seems more interested in pandering for high-profile donations from liberal elites.

Perhaps worse than her lack of interest in the issues confronting Arizonans is her attempts to mislead voters about McCain’s record. The incumbent senator’s popularity is tough to beat, so Kirkpatrick has resorted to some campaign trickery to try to tarnish his image. The Washington Post tore apart one such attempt by Kirkpatrick’s campaign, showing how the editing of McCain’s speeches created a flip-flopping agenda out of thin air.

Can we trust the sort of person who intentionally misleads us? If Clinton and the DNC can’t even trust Kirkpatrick enough to fund her campaign, how can Arizonans get behind her? Some are saying this will be a tough race for John McCain, which, given Kirkpatrick’s early support, looked possible in the first few months. But, as Kirkpatrick continues to avoid discussing her platform while attacking McCain with empty accusations, Arizonans will see what the Democratic party already sees: Kirkpatrick is no replacement for McCain.

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