Cliven Bundy’s National Attention a Reminder on Kelli Ward

Remember that rancher out in Nevada who caused quite a ruckus in 2014 after an armed standoff with federal authorities near his ranch — Cliven Bundy? Well, guess what? Bundy and his supporters are stirring up some trouble again. According to the Arizona Republic, federal prosecutors in Las Vegas have a reason to worry about witness intimidation and threats against their own lives.

According to the article: “U.S. Attorney Daniel Bogden and prosecutors say in the filings that they’ve received several threats, including a recent Facebook post that names a government attorney with a message that ‘it would be a joy … to read about the lone wolf attack that put this rabid dog down for a dirt nap.’”

Let’s take another trip down memory lane to the standoff in 2014 and think back to some of Bundy’s most high-profile supporters. For example, several Arizona legislators — including Kelli Ward — made the actual trip down to the Mesquite, Nevada ranch when the legislature was still in session. Yes, Kelli Ward, the woman who is running to unseat Republican U.S. Senator John McCain. In no time, without any serious rationale, Ward was posting photos of her and Bundy during the standoff and supporting the lawbreaking rancher. Ward commented on the situation saying the following:

“Apparently he has some thoughts that aren’t shared by many Americans. He is free to think and speak as he chooses (even if it may offend) and we are free to listen (or not) and form our own opinions. I am thankful for our amazing Constitution and the 1st Amendment right to freedom of speech — if I don’t agree, I don’t seek to silence or shame the speaker or to paint his associates with the broad brush of collective condemnation.”

Just like her words on Chemtrails and Abortion, Kelli Ward can’t have it both ways, pandering to opposing sides of the same issue like a typical politician. Ward eventually attempted to distance herself from the rancher and his racist comments that preceded the standoff. But this isn’t the first time Ward has jumped to irrational conclusions (**que the chemtrail conspiracy theories**) and it begs the question: is her judgement sound enough to be a leader for this state and for the nation in the U.S. Senate?

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