A Message to Republicans From Outgoing Corporation Commissioner Bob Stump

Yesterday afternoon, Bob Stump, a Corporation Commissioner in Arizona posted an incredibly important message on Facebook, almost a warning of sorts, to fellow Republicans. Here is a screenshot of what he said:

To Bob Stump we say, “Amen!”.

Here is what we can take away from Stump’s down-to-the-point status. First, let us preface the fact that 2016 is a year of large, explosive, and politically incorrect politics. However, that does not warrant fellow Republicans reaching into the Liberals’ bag of tricks and taking their false talking points in order to attack other Republicans. The Arizona Corporation Commission is an incredibly important entity, and voters do not have time for the partisan and ridiculous mud-slinging. As Republicans we should be the party of ideas, and not the party of vitriolic behavior — we need to learn how to leave that to the Democrats.

Second, the two liberal candidates for the Corporation Commission — Tom Chabin and Bill Mundell — are nothing more than puppets for the solar industry and other special interest groups. In comparison, as Stump points out, the current Commission is comprised of statesmen who have a sense of integrity and honesty. Most importantly, they are above the left’s talking points and vicious attacks that are borderline harassment, because they are actually engaged in real work on behalf of Arizona’s tax and rate-payers.

As Arizonans contemplate their choices for office leading up to the August primary, it is important to analyze each and every candidate. As such, we must pay attention to their rhetoric, their promises, and the mission they have for when they are elected. We must differentiate those who have a personal agenda or vendetta, versus those who are trying to make a real difference in this state for the taxpayers. We cannot and we must not let partisan talking points, the special interests and the far-left take over our state and our Corporation Commission.

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