Kelli Ward’s Crazy Conspiracies Highlight Left’s Playbook

It seems as though Kelli Ward’s “nuttiness” is now being heard of all across this country. Ward, a former State Senator from Lake Havasu City, is now running against Arizona’s senior United States Senator, war hero, and Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, John McCain.

It is no secret that Ward has been known for encouraging and supporting chemtrail supporters who believe that the U.S. Government is spraying us, the people, with dangerous chemicals and pesticides which form white chemical trails in the sky. As a State Senator, Ward held a meeting for constituents to express their concerns about chemtrails, and even asked two staffers from the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality to join her. At this meeting she only reaffirmed her support for these so called chemtrail conspiracists when she said: “’The people who are concerned about this, I did describe you as relentless,’ she told the audience. ‘That is not a bad thing to be; it’s not a good thing for me as an elected representative … to ignore what many people in my district are concerned about.’”

But chemtrails are now the least of our concerns and worries, because today progressive news site Mother Jones published an article highlighting the other irresponsible, extreme and conspiracy-like stances Ward has recently taken. For example, the article states:

“In her short political career, Ward has flirted with the conspiracy-theory fringe by making appearances on 9/11 truther radio programs, advising citizens to stay vigilant against UN helicopters, warning against government “indoctrination,” and proposing an unusual theory that the Affordable Care Act was part of a plot to force rural residents to move to cities.”

This information should be disturbing, and at the very least, extremely concerning to voters in Arizona. Kelli Ward is either crazy herself, or she chooses to pander to crazy people. It is also alarming because Democrats understand Ward’s weakness and will exploit it viciously in a general election. If you need a map of where Democrats will go, look no further than Mother Jones.

These red flags aside, these are not leadership traits that someone running for the United States Senate should possess. These are not ideas, values or thoughts that represent the people of Arizona.

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