Meluskey Calls Out Ward’s Liberal Views, Planned Parenthood Rhetoric

Kelli Ward’s campaign is based on the false premise that she is a fresh, conservative alternative to Senator John McCain. Whle Arizona’s Senator has a strong, conservative record on both national security and social issues, Kelli Ward has consistently fallen short of the mark. Her rhetoric simply has not matched her record…or her own public statements.

We’ve demonstrated how Ward has sided with liberals and conspiracy theorists in holding “chem-trail” hearings in her Senate district, and has a history of opposing legislation that funds our troops. She’s also sponsored bills to prevent our law enforcement officers from working with federal authorities to thwart would-be terror attacks, like the one in San Bernardino, CA last year.

Last week, we learned that Ward is far from the stalwart defender of life that she claims to be. In fact, as the Yellow Sheet reported in 2012, then-Senator Ward expressed her belief that abortion is a decision best left to a woman and her doctor, echoing the language of NARAL and Planned Parenthood. She further urged the Senate to focus on other issues, asking “Can’t We Focus On The Important Stuff” in an Arizona Yellow Sheet column published in 2013. It’s not clear what issues she finds more “important” than protecting innocent life.

Ward also expounded on her role as a physician, counseling women on the “benefits” of abortion. Not many pro-life voters believe that there are any benefits to abortion, but we’ll leave it to Kelli Ward to explain what benefits she had in mind.

Last night at a candidate’s forum, Alex Meluskey, another Republican candidate for Senate, firmly rejected Ward’s wrongheaded views on abortion. Meluskey underscored the major falsehood behind the Ward campaign. She’s simply not conservative, particularly when it comes to defending human life.

Arizona Republicans will undoubtedly examine all the candidates on the ballot in August. And when they make their decision, they won’t be fooled by Kelli Ward; she’s just not the conservative she claims to be.

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