Tyler Bowyer and A.J. LaFaro Lose Republican National Delegate Spot

In a sign that the Arizona Republican Party is possibly headed in a new and more competent direction, Maricopa County Republican Party Chairman Tyler Bowyer and the former Maricopa County Republican Party Chairman A.J. LaFaro decisively lost their bid to become delegates at the Republican National Convention.

In the battle become a national delegate, Cruz’s camp masterfully outplayed Trump’s camp by melding his nominees with those of John Kasich. Ultimately, Cruz won virtually all of the 28 at-large delegates and essentially split the 27 delegates selected by congressional district.

Although this “unity” slate was news, it is also noteworthy that the elected Maricopa County Republican Party Chairman and former Chairman lost. In LaFaro’s election, he only received 64 votes out of 1,106. That’s a very unpopular fellow.

In Bowyer’s case, why did he lose? In the words of one Maricopa County leader, “to be honest I’m not sure if Chairman Bowyer has actually accomplished anything since he took office.”

When elected, Bowyer’s responsibility was to increase party registration and fundraise. He did neither in any significant fashion. It is no wonder that less than a year as serving as Chairman, 14 of the 29 officers present at a county party regular monthly meeting voted that they had no confidence in their current chairman.

Beyond simple incompetence, Bowyer has spent a significant amount of time hashing out political revenge on fellow Republicans. Whether it is attempting to censure the Arizona Republican Party Chairman Robert Graham or attacking Senator John McCain, Bowyer is preoccupied with anything but building up the Grand Old Party.

Plus, he is a fantastic messenger. Remember his anti-education comments on 12 News Sunday Square Off.

Bowyer and LaFaro represent the old-vicious wing of the Republican Party, consumed with settling political scores rather than securing desperately needed political victories.

As America endures a lawless Obama administration and a fight for liberty, Bowyer and LaFaro are the very obstacles to the progress that we seek. Hopefully, their significant loss at the Arizona Republican Party Convention is a signal that they will eventually fade away.

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