Clueless Christine: Working (CD) 9 to (CD) 5

This weekend is expected to be, according to numerous signs and sources, the self-coronation of “her majesty,” the wannabe some sort of politician (Secretary of State, Attorney General, Governor, Phoenix Mayor, CD 9 Candidate, CD 5 Candidate) Christine Jones.

On Friday, Jones will host a “Water Tower Talk” in Gilbert, pretending that she is one of the people of the East Valley, feigning understanding and empathy for all the issues that voters in Congressional District 5 face.







(Thank goodness for East Valley consultants – and chauffeurs – because Christine Jones wouldn’t begin to know where to go – or what to say – in the East Valley, even if it hit her straight between the eyes.)

Clueless Christine will then wake up the next morning and head to the AZGOP State Convention, where she was elected as a delegate for Congressional District 9 – just this month!

But on Friday night, she will tell the voters of District 5 that she is “one of them.” And because money can wash away a multitude of sins for Christine Jones, who cares that she is representing District 9 voters at the same time she is trying to represent District 5 voters?

This all stems from the fact that Christine Jones is all about Christine Jones. She doesn’t care about the people. She only cares about herself and what she can do (or who she can buy) to make herself feel powerful, influential, and relevant. This makes Christine Jones as phony as one can be.

As we learned in 2014 (and will continue to learn this cycle), she will do anything out of desperation to get elected. She will lie, and she will exaggerate the facts in front of the voters. Christine Jones cares about being elected to “something” only because she wants people to like her, not because she wants what’s in the best interest of those she’s trying to woo.

No amount of “Water Tower Talks” can ever change that reality in the minds and hearts of Arizonans – especially not with the fiercely loyal and principled voters of Congressional District 5.

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