First Trump Campaign Manager now Jeff DeWit, Discredit A.J. LaFaro

Is this becoming a pattern? Former Maricopa County GOP Chairman–and an off-the-rails Republican–A.J. LaFaro, seems to call everyone he disagrees with “sleazy,” Nazi Gestapo-like, or even compares them to evil union bosses. But what does his obsession stem from? Plain and simple: his jealousy for AZ GOP Chairman Robert Graham. What is even more bizarre? LaFaro claims that the only way to ensure a victory for Trump in Arizona is to sign his “online petition [which] has been started demanding Robert Graham, the Arizona GOP Chairman, immediately resign.”

But it seems as though something is not adding up… In his guest article for the Arizona Capitol Times, LaFaro says: “Jeff DeWit, Arizona’s Treasurer and Mr. Trump’s Campaign Chairman, and the Trump supporters have been extremely vocal and visibly upset with the party bosses.” After the article was published, according to the Yellow Sheet, Donald Trump’s Arizona and Nevada Campaign Manager issued a statement saying that “A.J. LaFaro in no way represents the views of the Trump Campaign.”

Shortly thereafter Treasurer DeWit told Arizona reporters that LaFaro,put words in my mouth. I’ve been on national media, and I’ve been critical of the Colorado GOP and even the national GOP. But I have not been critical of the Arizona GOP.” DeWit followed his statement by emphasizing that he believes Chairman Graham and the AZ GOP have been fair and rightfully impartial between the Trump and Cruz camps. So, again, we wonder, when will LaFaro’s tactics get old, because it seems as though even some of his closest and most dedicated supporters are getting tired of his outbursts.  

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