Trump Campaign Discredits AJ Lafaro

AJ Lafaro has made it his life mission to try and take down Chairman Robert Graham. In Lafaro’s lust for power, he did not have the courage to take on Graham but opted to run for 1st Vice Chair rather than Chairman at the January meeting in early 2015.  Lafaro lost his bid to be on the state executive board. After this stinging defeat he has made it his mission to go after Graham from the sidelines. Recently he has tried to represent himself as a leader in the Donald Trump campaign hoping it would give him credibility in his attacks on Graham.

This weekend, the Trump campaign responded and clarified that Lafaro is on his own. The statement though polite, completely debunked the attacks on Graham in this state.

Trump state director Charles Munoz made the following statement:

 “Dear Fellow Republicans – AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham has been completely accessible, and transparent, and I commend him for properly and objectively managing the State Party and conducting the State Convention. Graham has worked very hard to ensure every step of the process is conducted fairly. A. J. La Faro in no way represents the views of the Trump Campaign, I do however appreciate Mr. La Faro’s enthusiasm for Mr. Trump’s candidacy for President.  For the record and to be perfectly clear, the Trump Campaign has not suggested, nor do we support, any Arizona Trump supporter to participate in the online petition started by Mr. La Faro. I urge all Trump supporters to make America great again by focusing their time to winning national delegates, nominating Donald Trump, uniting the party and winning the White House.”

Munoz was diplomatic and polite in his statement but clipped Lafaro’s wings by stating that they don’t support Lafaro’s resolution or petition he is submitting to the state meeting. It was shameful for the self centered Lafaro to attempt to hijack a political movement for Trump in his efforts at revenge against Graham.

Lafaro is also one of the leaders of the anti-John McCain cartel, foolishly wasting precious Arizona Republican resources on trying to bring down McCain instead of building up the Arizona Republican Party through fundraising or voter registration. Lafaro seems fixated on tearing things and people down, rather than building winning conservative coalitions.

Will he finally learn his lesson? Of course not!

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