Kelli Ward’s Money Woes Continue


Kelli Ward’s campaign seems to be living by the “Live Fast, Die Young” philosophy as she continues to spend herself into the ground. While the campaign bragged about Ward’s first-quarter earnings in 2016, it hardly made up for a pathetic fourth-quarter take in the previous year.

To add to her money troubles, Ward reportedly spent more than she raised in the first quarter, spending $227,000 while only raising $178,000. While she may be relying on the “spend money to make money” method, the payoffs have been dismal. Ward seems unable to tap into a voter market that could take her quickly dissipating funds and return any sort of benefit to her campaign.

Since starting the race, Ward has raised only $763,000. This includes at least $85,000 which she shelled out as a personal loan to the campaign. Of that total amount, the campaign has spent about $635,000. The FEC report states that she still has nearly $211,000 on hand, but is that enough to sustain her troublesome spending habits?

If Ward is unable to spend the donations coming into her campaign wisely, how can we expect her to take our best interests to Washington? Her campaign seems intent on spinning her meager funds as a good thing, but when she throws it away as quickly as it comes in, we can expect the total collapse of her campaign before long. It would be in Arizona’s best interest to assure that she doesn’t represent us in the federal government when that happens.

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