Kelli Ward Embraces Extremist Nohl Rosen

Kelli Ward Embraces Extremist Nohl Rosen

Yesterday, we posted an article on controversial activist and extremist Nohl Rosen’s support of Kelli Ward. After the article, we assumed that Kelli Ward would distance herself from Rosen’s extremist rhetoric and toxicity.

We were wrong.

Shortly thereafter, Rosen began tweeting about online articles exposing his extremist views. Rosen was not apologetic, but defiant in his support of not only Kelli Ward but also his antagonism against Senator John McCain.


As a reminder, Rosen’s views are toxic:

As the founder of Rally for Law Enforcement, he has ironically drawn the ire of the police force by staging a contentious rally outside of a Phoenix mosque last year. According to the Arizona Republic, the Facebook page Rosen runs told protesters to bring American flags and firearms to protest Islam, leading counter-protesters to the scene in what many feared could become a dangerous conflict.

A few months later, he was outside a Phoenix Walmart, protesting that company’s decision to stop selling Confederate flags in the wake of racially-motivated shootings in the South. Rosen’s group waved American and Confederate flags and clashed once again with protesters. Then, in March of this year, Rosen was at a Donald Trump rally, his 9mm in his leg holster, ready to “back up the police if trouble broke out.”

Rosen seems intent on stirring up contention, pushing for violence so that he and his group can respond in kind. He has referred to Black Lives Matter activists as “Nothing but terrorists,” who throw “temper tantrums” when they speak out at Trump rallies. He called for a boycott of both Beyonce and the NFL after her role in the Superbowl Halftime show. His Vimeo page description reads, “I love cats, guns, the Constitution, and cosplay.” Clearly we aren’t dealing with someone fully invested in reason.

Although Rosen’s actions are fitting to his viewpoints, Kelli Ward’s response was surprising. While one would think that his views would cause a normal person to run for the political hills, Ward seemingly embraced Rosen by retweeting his post.


Kelli Ward has repeatedly shown poor judgment in her political associations. Whether it is chemtrails, Cliven Bundy, or her new pal, Nohl Rosen, Ward unapologetically embraces the fringe elements of our society. When looking for a Senator, someone who can represent not only Arizona but also America’s interest abroad, we cannot take a chance on a candidate that continues to show poor judgment of character.


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