Christine Jones – Carpetbagger

Rumors continue to circulate around the Arizona political class that Christine Jones is moving towards a run for Congress in Congressional District 5. However, Jones’ ego and political ineptitude may have shot herself in the proverbial foot once again this week as she ran for and was elected as a state delegate in LD 28, which is her home district and is within Congressional District 9. You can view the results of the LD 28 state delegate election here. There might be no greater proof of her desperate carpetbagging (should she decide to jump in the CD 5 race) than those election results.

The voters of Congressional District 5 have been crystal clear throughout many previous election cycles that they want a candidate who resides in the district and who represents the values of that district. Not only does Christine Jones not live in the district, she lacks the values of someone who should be considered for any Congressional District, let alone Congressional District 5. Christine Jones has repeatedly proven that she cannot be trusted, and that she is attempting to make her mark on politics purely for self-serving reasons.

Congressional District 5 voters deserve better than a carpetbagger named Christine Jones.

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